Sarah Crowe (Kent, UK) is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, and film, exploring sound, colour and pattern using a Chladni plate and Newton's colour wheel. 

Her current work explores how we can 'see' sound through a process of creating patterns and using assigned colours from the colour wheel,  which has resulted in her piece called (An homage to) Elizabeth G.).

She graduated with a degree from UCA (University for Creative Arts) in 2006, which also has her 16mm film, Transformation, Process, Music in the UCA Library collection, and completed a Masters in Fine Art at University Arts London, Chelsea College, 2007. 

Sarah has worked in film & tv on productions such as Nine and The Fixer and currently teaches part-time.

Group shows:

  • 2018 Inside Job, Tate Modern, London

  • 2015 Orpington 1st Photography Competition, Kent

  • 2007 Degree Show, UAL, Chelsea College, London

  • 2006 Degree show, UCA, Kent

  • 2005 Group Show, Cork, Ireland

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