Colours and Moore

Last year I visited Henry Moore's house in Perry Green, Hertfordshire.  I have always liked Moore especially his war drawings and abstract works.  After visiting his studio and gardens I really found out why I love his work so much.  I love the form (which I recently found out some people call 'biomorphic') and how he made large works with texture and out of various materials.  It really makes a difference seeing his work outdoors rather than in a museum.

I took some photos of his work and luckily for most of that day it was a clear blue sky, so his bronze works really contrasted against the blue sky. 

New Year | New Workshop

I've been looking for a place to work (that isn't at home) for a while now, and a friend of mine has kindly let me use a part of his workshop to create my work in.  I feel like a proper artist now!


Studio newly decorated 2018

Studio newly decorated 2018

Line | Shape | Texture

I've been gorging on so many weaving Instagram accounts recently that I decided to try it myself... This is only the beginning of a project, and so far its been very therapeutic! 

First weave 2018

Colours at the Tate Modern

I recently visited the Tate Modern, and being interested in colour, came across a room on level two with amazing colour artworks. Have a look if you are in the area, there are artists like Matisse, Ellsworth Kelly, Maria Lalic and Olafur Eliasson.

Close up of Joseph Albers colour study